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Facebook truly sets a standard for every social network to triumph

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    Searching for a solution to set up your own Social Network with Facebook looks and feels?

    At the first glance, there is surely a familiar feeling just like working on Facebook as you might not notice any difference between your Network and Facebook with the most resembled Facebook interface and functionalities packed in the solution.
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    Feel worried about technical resources, features set-up, technology strategy for your Social Network?

    Get the proven and familiar features of Facebook - The world most popular Social Network with YouNetCo Facebook Clone package at ease! The solution is designed to be quick and easy to deploy on any system and environment within a day. Additionally, years in development and support the platform, we know all the drills to able to support you with any concerns even on the weekend.
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    Based on phpFox scalability, stability, and customizable advantages get your Social Network built just like Facebook now!
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    Still looking for a solution to build, host, maintain your Social Network quickly and in the long-term run?

    You just got to the right place, YouNetCo Facebook Clone could be set up at once, come with the best support and great offers. You just need to focus on building your member base where they could easily find the similar features as Facebook offers.

You want to build site to look like Facebook?


General View

At the first glance, you will immediately experience an amazing and most resembled Facebook appearance with a completed and identical landing page as Facebook. All the details such as layouts, blocks, and menus are relocated and placed in most convenient and logic position to give exceptional user experience.


Navigation Bar

The template brings us an impressive and unique navigation bar which changes the context and content depends on which page you are currently on. Additionally, clean and minimal design is applied by combining the bar with with footer of your site.


Completed Header

With the header which always floats on scrolling, you can have access to several essential tools on your site. The components on header such as logo are also easy to be customized.


Revamped News Feed

Newly designed and full-featured news feed with advanced feed operations and multiple privacy options. The news feed now have filter feeds on several criteria, and you can also tag friends, express Feeling, include emoticons, check-in with location and business on post…. Advanced Feed also utilizes hashtag to selected posts.


Powerful Comment Features

Just like Facebook, you now can comment in threads on post. Several kinds of content can be used to comment/reply such as stickers, emoticon/emoji, photo, link… Various comment actions are implemented to power up comment features like reply, like, edit, delete and hide/unhide comment.


Accurately Express Feeling on Post

More options are available to react on posts and comment beyond just a Like. Also users can easily reference reaction statistic on each post. In addition, all these reactions can be customized in a hassle.


Gain Attention with Background on Status

Status updates are more eye-catching and meaningful with a background. The background collection can be added and managed as your own choices.


View Photo & Video On Popup

Save time and work productively by viewing photos/videos directly on the current page with a popup. Additionally, all photo/video actions and operations are available to access on the popup


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